The CEO of Chroma ATE Inc. – Leo Huang Receive ERSO Award

Chroma ATE Inc. CEO Leo Huang (Left), ITRI Executive Director – Ta-Hsien Lo (Right).

The CEO of Chroma ATE Inc. – Leo Huang Receive ERSO (Electronics Research and Service Organization) Award on 25th April,2017.

ERSO Award was established in 2007 with the sponsorship from Pan Wen Yuan Foundation to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Taiwan electronics industry. The foundation is established to promote the cultivation of technical manpower specialized in the fields of semiconductor and information science.

Chroma was founded in 1984, with dedication in research, development and manufacturing of precision test and measurement instruments to sell globally under “Chroma” brand. After years of experiences in automation integration and MES technology, Chroma has become a “Turnkey Solution” provider since 2011 with core technology in measurement.

Chroma test solutions are mainly applied to ICT industry, semiconductor, and clean technology, which includes solar energy, LED lighting, lithium battery and electric vehicle industries, that are widely used for R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance. At all time, Chroma’s solutions have been proven to effectively improve our customer’s product quality and production efficiency, as well as to increase their competitiveness. This is Chroma’s biggest value!

Particularly in semiconductor test solution for IoT IC market, Chroma provides VLSI test system, SoC/analog test system, system/final level tri-temp test handler, and PXI/PXIe IC test platform.

This honor gives Chroma the encouragement and the responsibility to drive more innovative testing technology for various industries including Semiconductors.

Chroma ATE Inc.

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